May 29, 2007

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Miss Universe 2007 - USA's Rachel Smith Booed by Mexicans

The only thing I really have to say about this is that Rachel did not deserve the boos that she was given by the people attending. True they might have their opinions about George Bush (and the rest of the administration) but this event was not the TIME or PLACE to voice it. Rachel is not part of the government and she's only representing the USA. I don't think they will hold this event in Mexico for years to come now following this.

May 25, 2007

Ultra Nate -Automatic

Ultra Nate / Automatic / Director Karl Giant

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I really love this video plus it has a good beat to it.

May 24, 2007

Anastacia - Paid My Dues

Anastacia - Left Outside Alone

Geeks Corner

Mustek's DV520T camera/ camcorder hybrid does VGA video
by Darren Murph

Joining the growing array of low-cost camera / camcorder hybrids is the Mustek DV520T, which sits a few notches below (in quality and price) the TX1s and Xacti HD2s of the world but still manages to handle the basics for the no-frills set. The two-faced device sports a handheld design with a two-inch flipout LCD to monitor the action, and internally, you'll find a 5.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, 64MB of storage, USB 2.0 connectivity, TV out, integrated flash, an SD slot that supports cards up to 2GB in size, a voice recorder, and an MP3 player as well. Aside from snapping stills, this unit also records VGA movies at 30 frames-per-second, and while we can't imagine them being of any real use, an 8x digital zoom and "digital image stabilization" are nevertheless included. Mustek's DV520T isn't likely to take home any image quality awards, but it might not be a half bad backup for just $129. More pics after the break.

T-Mobile Wing takes flight
by Ryan Block

Well, it's finally done: T-Mobile Wing née HTC's Atlas / Herald has lifted off. Obviously there are absolutely no surprises here for anyone who's been following this launch, but the thinner- hotter successor to the MDA comes out swinging with Windows Mobile 6 (Professional), quad-band EDGE data, Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera, WiFi, myFaves, a 2.8-inch QVGA display, microSD slot, soft-touch finish, and new and improved QWERTY keyboard. It'll be available tomorrow for $300 (with service agreement); stick around for some high res photography sure to tide you over until then. Early review roundup posted after the break.

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May 23, 2007

Fashion bags

Any man of fashion knows that bags have become a necessary tool and style accessory. No longer seen as solely a woman’s item, men’s bags are masculine, attractive and ideal additions to any contemporary wardrobe. If you would like to dabble in the wide world of men’s bags, but don’t quite know which one would suit your needs best, heed this advice: Stick with a classic bag style, and you can’t go wrong.

The following are six such classic bag styles that can be easily mixed and matched with your business and casual wardrobes.

1- Briefcase
Briefcases are probably the oldest form of “acceptable” handbags for men. Modern-day briefcases, however, have evolved a great deal since the days of your father’s sharp-cornered case. They’re no longer boxy; in fact, that’s about the only traditional element discarded in the modern briefcase. The classic shape (without the sharp corners), buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a timeless addition to any working-man’s wardrobe.

Carry with: Business attire.

2- Messenger bag
Aptly named, the messenger bag is designed after the bags traditionally carried throughout history by -- whom else? -- messengers. Often made from canvas and swung across the shoulder, messenger bags have taken on a whole new meaning in urban fashion. From students with canvas bags to urban hipsters with modern leather bags, the messenger’s laidback style will always have a classic casual flair, but today’s leather messenger tote also exudes a hint of uptown sophistication.

Carry with: Slick street clothes

3- Holdall
Any traveling man needs a holdall for those weekend jaunts or three-day business trips. Big, bulky luggage has transformed into sleek, stylish holdalls (or carryalls). Its design is inspired by the duffel bag, but its predominantly leather exterior and more refined appearance attribute a classic look to this practical tote.

Carry with: Casual weekend wear, business-casual attire

4- Camera bag
A smaller version of the messenger bag, a camera bag is a longer, rectangular bag that is meant to be strapped across the shoulders. Convenient for tourists, but good for any man on the go, a camera bag is a discreet but severely stylish way to lug around your belongings. What makes the camera bag stand out as a classic tote for men is its ability to bring a touch of masculinity to an outfit, even if it is hanging from your shoulder. It’s a simple style with a whole lot of function.

Carry with: Leisure wear

5- Tote

A tote is the modern approach to the classic briefcase. Resembling an artisan’s bag, the tote is the utmost in casual business attire. Its basic design and usual soft leather exterior allots it a classic status, while its long handles give it a contemporary edge. If purchased in a chocolate brown or black, this bag can add a touch of laidback masculinity to any casual work wear.

Carry with: Business-casual clothes

6- Newsboy bag
Like the advent of the newsboy cap, the newsboy bag is a classic style that has become synonymous with men’s casual wear. It’s similar to the messenger bag’s style, but its traditional canvas exterior makes it a little less formal than the latter. This bag style is perfect for the student on the go, as it makes a fashion statement and exudes more masculinity and style-savvy than a knapsack.

Carry with: Campus-chic wear

Throw out the old idea that bags are for women and get with the fashion-forward times. While classic bags like briefcases are still around, other bags with classic elements, like the messenger bag, are becoming almost necessary accessories for today’s modern man.

John Mayer @ Comedy Cellar

Looks like he's trying to be funny... Maybe he just needs to stick to music which he does best.

Sanjaya is really Billy Vendall

OK... So what's going on with this guy... and who is that weird looking gay boy behind him. This is just WEIRD!!!

May 22, 2007

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DVD Release


Mel Gibson generally avoided controversy with his lush but viscerally violent tale set among the ancient Maya. The spectacla follows the journey of a roral villager who escapes from sadistic urban captors, leading them on a breakneck chase through the jungle as he tries to save his wife and children. The DVD has a deleted scene and a detailed making of, and Gibson offers commentary.

Letters from Iwo Jima / Flags of Our Fathers

Clint Eastwood delivers an unparalleled film achievement with these bookend films that cam eout just two monts apart last year: "Flags" telling the story of Iwo Jima from the side of U.S. trops invading the island and "Letters" chronicling the last stand of Japanese troops defending it. The five-disc boxed set has both films, a History Channel documentary on Iwo Jima and the 1945 short film "To the Shores of Iwo Jima".

May 21, 2007

Gym Workout 05/18/07


Hey guys sorry I have not been posting a lot lately but there is a lot going on at work which is keeping me busy. This week was pretty fun and relaxing all at the same time. It was some very nice weather here in Chicago so I spent it with my friends mostly. On Friday I went out to dinner and hit a few bars with a group of friends but decided to make it a early night so I went home around 1am.

On Saturday I started off slow by cleaning my apartment and taking care of a few other issues. I also went to a friends house and enjoyed his roof top deck and got a few rays. I then went home to change for a house party I was invited to. The party was fun and I met a few more interesting people. After the party we decided to head to a club (called Sidetracks) and shake our grove thing. While at the club I ran into another friend and we made the rounds but quickly left.

We deiced to go to Charlies we drank more and danced a little. I also ended up making out with a Canadian guy (I forgot what his name was) and we went back to my place and got to know each other even better. But besides that the rest of the weekend was relaxing.

Female Hottie Of The Week
Gemma Atkinson

Gemma was born on November 16, 1984, in Bury, Greater Manchester, England. She went to Castlebrook High School, where she was very involved in school activities. She did quite a bit of athletics and was an avid sports fan. Obviously, she was an extremely popular girl and had a multitude of friends during her school years.
gemma atkinson the model and actress
Gemma Atkinson was too into sports to be interested in modeling and acting in her younger years. Thus, it was Gemma's mom who introduced her to the glitz and glamour of acting and modeling by deceiving her into her first audition. Gemma started off in commercial acting and photographic modeling, and her natural beauty and adorable face quickly made her quite the commodity.

In 2001, Gemma was cast for the role of Lisa Hunter on the acclaimed English television series Hollyoaks. Her role quickly propelled her into fame and illustriousness. There were few teenage boys who could not pick Gemma out of a lineup, and she was only 17 years old at the time.

gemma atkinson becomes a sex symbol
Gemma soon became a staple of the Hollyoaks brand name. Because of the success of the show and Gemma’s unbelievably huge following, the producers launched Hollyoaks: After Hours in 2004. It was a short-lived program, but it turned Gemma from a teenage star into a sex symbol in matter of seconds.

Since then, Gemma has appeared in two other spin-offs of Hollyoaks. In Hollyoaks: Let Loose, she continued to play the role of Lisa Hunter. However, as the title entails, Gemma’s role in this series was a lot more liberal. Gemma also starred in Hollyoaks: In the City, in which she once again played a more mature and compelling role.

gemma atkinson models her new assets

Gemma Atkinson has grown into one of the most sexual and beautiful models and actresses in England. Her glamorous looks and her enhanced bust have made her a sex symbol that just about every men’s magazine is interested in photographing; that’s why she has been featured in just about every English magazine there is. From Arena and Zoo Weekly to Maxim and Loaded, Gemma is letting herself receive much-deserved exposure.

Gemma’s open, liberal personality has been a great quality in her career. It allowed her to expand upon a show that was limiting her talents and to turn her acting occupation into a superstar modeling career. She also used her open and sexual personality to seize a journalistic opportunity when she agreed to become Zoo Weekly’s regular sex and relationships columnist.

Male Hottie Of The Week
Raffaello Balzo

Raffaello Balzo, born in Artegna, Udine, Italy on March 18, 1975, is an Italian actor and model.

Balzo lived at Artegna, a small town in the province of Udine, until the age of 18. Very close to his family, he remembers with affection his grandmother who, during the 1976 earthquake in the Friuli region, saved him from the rubble of the house that was collapsing around him and in doing so leaped to fame in the newspaper headlines.

Balzo was encouraged by his friends to make his debut in showbusiness, taking part in 1995 in the beauty contest “Photographic Model of the Year” and winning the national title. In the same year, he finished his studies at technical college and gained his diploma with a mark of 56 out of 60.

In 1998, Balzo won the title “Mr Friuli”. The recognition he got encouraged him in the following year to take part in the most important national contest for men, “The handsomest man in Italy”, winning the national final by a unanimous vote. For Raffaello, the doors to showbusiness were thrown wide open. He moved to Milan and began working as a model for the most important Italian and foreign designers, among whom Gianfranco Ferré, Versace, Ermenegildo Zegna, Vivienne Westwood, and treading in the process the catwalks of the whole world - London, Rome, New York.

Alongside his modelling career, Balzo has constantly committed himself to elocution and drama studies, strongly desiring a future in television and cinema. His first television appearance was as “Carramba Boy”, alongside Raffaella Carrà in the Rai Uno transmission “Carramba che fortuna!”

In December 2000, Balzo was cast as the star of “Schoolmates”, a Rai Due drama series in 12 episodes, working with experienced and talented actors like Massimo Lopez. It was Raffaello’s first real chance to put himself to the test and show off his talents.

In August 2002, Balzo was chosen as the new star of the soap “A Place in the Sun” (set in Naples), playing the role of physiotherapist, Matteo Consoli. Working in this soap was for a real training ground, through a daily engagement in which he was able to train to make his character real and credible, and which enabled him to express character and personality. The public learned to recognise him and grow fond of him, paying Raffaello back with affection and recognition for all the hard work and commitment he had put into the role. The intense experience lasted three years, after which he left Naples and moved to Rome.

In 2002, the noted film director Cinzia T H Torrini noticed Balzo's talent and chose him to play the role of Armand Benac in the TV drama series, “Elisa di Rivombrosa 2”. That great opportunity was a turning point in Raffaello’s career and he was definitively recognised as an up-and-coming talent in Italian cinema.

In September 2006, after numerous successes, Balzo was chosen by Simona Ventura as one of the shipwrecked in the fourth edition of the reality show “L'Isola dei famosi" (Island of the Celebrities). Surviving in extreme conditions would be his next challenge, in which he would make himself known not as an actor, but simply as Raffaello.

Balzo is 6' 2" tall. During his spare time, he loves to go to the beach and play soccer, which is his number one hobby.

May 18, 2007

Anastacia - One Day In Your Life

Gym workout 05/16/07

Bananarama - Look On The Floor

Weekend Plans in Chicago


'Beauty and the Geek' casting call
Rockit Bar and Grill
22 W. Hubbard St.

Auditions for the reality TV show's fourth season, plus a special taping with host Mike Richards.

May. 19: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Price: Free.
Phone: 312-943-7600

Fifth Annual Firehouse Cook-Off
Weber Grill Restaurant
539 N. State St.

Watch teams of firefighters face off in a grilling contest, firing up baby back ribs, flank steak and chicken in celebration of National Barbecue Month. Local media personalities decide which team smoked the competition. Also, dine on special barbecue fare throughout May.

May. 19: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Price: Menu prices vary. Partial proceeds from May's barbecue food sales benefit the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance and Camp I Am Me, an organization helping child burn victims
Phone: 312-467-9696

Four Year Anniversary Celebration
The Gourmet Grape, Inc.
3530 N. Halsted St.

Sample wines from around the world. Includes live music by Mark Farris. A raffle and partial proceeds from wine sales benefit Chicago House. On a personal note this is one of my favorite places to purchase wine.

May. 19: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Price: $5 suggested donation
Phone: 773-388-0942

May 16, 2007

Shoe Fashion

Being a sharply dressed man costs money. Nice suits are expensive, quality shirts aren’t cheap, and handsome ties go for a pretty penny. You can’t cut corners on these pieces -- and you definitely shouldn’t -- but your dress shoes are a different story. Tasteful, high-quality dress shoes come in a variety of styles and in a variety of prices, which means you don’t have to break the bank to get good-looking footwear. That’s right; affordable options exist that allow you to save some coin but still dress to impress. And with a little maintenance, these less expensive models can go the distance as well.

Here is a list of classy dress shoes that won’t break your bank account the next time you’re in the market for some new fancy kicks.

Florsheim Welles
Cost: $110

Don’t let the low price tag fool you; with the Welles shoe you really are getting the most bang for your buck. Available in either rich burgundy or black leather, this shoe offers a classic take on the traditional oxford. The leather’s matte finish provides a sophisticated look, while the subtle stitch details and tapered cap toe give the shoe a stylish, modern update. And along the bottom, the buffed leather sole lends an additional touch of class by giving the shoe a refined, smooth appearance. On the whole, the Welles is conservative enough for the average Joe and mod for those who like a more contemporary look.

Kenneth Cole Great Cause
Cost: $130

The designers at Kenneth Cole hit the nail on the head when they named this one. The Great Cause gives you high-fashion design at a wallet-friendly price. One word describes it best: sharp. Couple the shoe’s slender curvature and build with its ornamental stitching and you get one of the most contemporary oxfords available; the Great Cause is on par with today’s top Italian models. What’s more, the leather heel is sleek and compact, creating even more visual appeal. If you want to walk among the upper echelons of footwear fashion, the Great Cause is the shoe for you.

Cole Haan Pinch Penny
Cost: $145

Though the name affirms the reasonable price tag, it fails to give justice to this shoe’s overall appeal. Cole Haan’s Pinch Penny loafer is as classic as they come. Designed to look like the most traditional of loafers, this pair goes a step further: The polished, hand-antiqued leather brings an all-new shine to the shoe’s look and feel. And in some regards, it leaves tradition in the dust by making the more conservative loafer -- and dresser -- seem slightly more ambitious.

J&M Dobson Moc-Toe Venetian
Cost: $150

Rest assured -- this isn’t your grandfather’s loafer. A great value and a great-looking shoe, Johnston & Murphy’s Dobson Moc-Toe Venetian offers an updated, comfortable version of a traditional style. The people at Johnston & Murphy say it best: “Sneaker comfort with dress-shoe smarts.” Equipped with several interior-cushioning features, the Venetian not only provides superior comfort, but also ultimate style. The smooth, rounded upper gives this shoe a trendy, sporty look, while the stacked heel counters with a touch of class. Though it is a great addition to any man’s shoe collection, the sensibly priced Venetian is ideal for the consummate traveler who likes to get around in style and in comfort.

Florsheim Essex
Cost: $120

If you’re on the market for boots, Florsheim’s Essex is an excellent option for both you and your bank account. Coming in at a meager $120, the Essex hangs in there with the most stylish of boots. The rich leather finishes, especially the cherry, give the Essex an air of sophistication that lends itself to playing the part of a well-dressed executive. The ridgeline stitching along the toe box also adds a touch of business-savvy to the shoe, making it all the more appropriate for work wear. And while some dress boots masquerade as an oxford or loafer, the Essex doesn’t try to be something it’s not: The heel boldly states that what you see is what you get. So if it’s a boot you want, it’s a boot you shall have -- affordably and stylishly so.

May 15, 2007

Gym Workout 05/14/07

DVD Release

Stop the Yard

This street-stepper makes good tale stars Columbus Short as a newbie on campus whose underground moves freshen up the college dance scene, where he learns to channel his raw talent into teamsmanship as he helps his crew battle for the national step title. The DVD comes with a behind the scenes features, commentary with the filmmakers, two extended dance sequences, a gag reel and a deleted scene.

The Fountain

Huge Jackman stars as a man whose story is told over three eras as he plays a 16th Century Spanish conquistador, a medical researcher in modern times and an explorer of the heavens in the 26th Century, his long life dedicated to preserving the life and memory of his women (Rachel Weisz). The DVD contains background features on the movie's themes and production.

May 14, 2007

Gym Workout 05/11/07

Male Hottie of the Day
Juan Garcia Postigo

Twenty-five-year-old Juan Garcia Postigo is a well travelled young man. Belgium, Egypt, England, France, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Italy have all welcomed Juan on holidays and in his work as a model, actor and event host. His hobbies include fishing, football, water skiiing and cooking. His ambition is to develop his career to work more in television as an actor and entertainment presenter. Juan speaks Spanish, Italian and English. Juan is currently representing Spain in the Mr. World pageant.