Oct 31, 2006

Cruel Intentions - All Stars

Let's see if you can spot the best part about this video

Ryan Phillipe - Cruel Intentions

Oct 30, 2006

Video Proof: Bully's Jimmy Hopkins likes to kiss boys

I guess this brings new meaning to "Joy Stick"

Brothers & Sisters: Kevin/Scotty Kiss

In case you missed it, ABC's Brothers & Sisters was injected with a bit of gay romance the other night as Luke MacFarlane and Matthew Rhys' characters Scotty and Kevin locked lips. MacFarlane has been busy with relationships on and off-screen. If you remember, he was spotted earlier this week with recently out Grey's Anatomy actor T.R. Knight. No kiss there to report yet.

Oct 27, 2006

Brooke Hogan 'About Us'

Oct 26, 2006

Rodrigo Santoro From Lost

Hottie of the Day
Rodrigo Santoro

Oct 25, 2006

Mario Lopez & Julian McMahon's Shower-Szene in Nip Tuck

DWTS Wk 3: Mario Lopez


Defying Gravity


When Heroes ''Deserve'' to Die

One of the best shows of the new season

Hottie of the Day
Oliver Goodwill

Cristiano Ronaldo-Never(by SiStem)

cristiano ronaldo

Dieux du Stade - Romain Froment 2006

Dieux du Stade - Will Matthews 2006

Danny Hindalov Showering (2)

A bit to big but still yummy

Nude rugby firemen team

dieux du stade II

Dieux du Stade - Jerome Thion 2006

Dieux du Stade - Arthur, Thomas & Alexandre

Oct 24, 2006

Hottie of the Day
Cristian de la Fuente

Oct 23, 2006

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss | Bed Scene

Have You Ever Been In Love?

Latter Day From the inside

Very Erotic

Latter Days

hot guy in boxer tied-up in bed

Josh Henderson from Desperate Housewives and Scene 23

Desperate Housewives Hotties

Oct 22, 2006

Hottie of The Day

Oct 19, 2006

Nick Beyeler 2006 Promo

More amazing video of Nick Beyeler

Nick Beyeler CompeticiĆ³n

Yes I know this might seem Gay but he has a amazing body

Channing Tatum...Life is Good

Oct 18, 2006

Silvio Nascimento

Hottie of the Day
Silvio Nascimento