Jul 31, 2007

Movie Release

Warner, DVD
Jen Chaney, The Washington Post

The men bare their chests while the blood spurts in slow motion excess in "300," the film version of Frank Miller's graphic novel that turned into a box-office sensation during the spring. Fans of this CGI-dominated take on the battle of Thermopylae which ranked in $455 million plus world wide will no doubt be thrilled to gt their hands on this two-disk special edition when it arrives Tuesday.

The special edition DVD boasts a good number of extras including five features, three deleted scenes, a series of Wibisodes about the film's production and a commentary track with director Zack Snyder soon to helm a film version of Alan Moore's "Watchman" as well as co-writer Kurt Johnstad and director of photography Larry Fong. Of the lot, "The 300: Fact or Fiction," a 24-minute featurette that puts the fictionalized tale of the Spartans and the Persians into historical context, is the most worthwhile.

Strangely, the special features delve into only sparing details about how the filmmakers merged live action with computer images to create the movie's unique look.

Best bloody bonus: Of the three deleted scenes, the last offering featuring a close up of a leg being sliced in two is the only one sure to satisfy those with an appetite for more gore.

Hot Fuzz
Universal DVD
Rob Lowman, L.A. Daily News

From the British guys who made "Shaun of the Dead" comes another picture perfect spoof. The target this time is over the top buddy cop movies, and "HOt Fuzz" is so dead on, it's scary. Directed by Edgar Wright, it stars Simon Pegg as Nicholas Angel, a super London cop who is sent to a country town because he's making all the other city clps look bad. But there is something wrong with the town people are being killed in the most gruesome fashions. And except for Nicholas, the town's police dpartment thicks the deathes are accidntal. It's a wonderful absurd situation. But aren't all good buddy f ilms? The difference is "Hot Fuzz" knows it's being funny and does it with style

Jul 30, 2007

Weekend Pics

These are the pics I have from the Soccer game. I hope you enjoy them.

As you can tell not all of these pictures are of the game... some of them are of the hot guys I happened to notice at the game. I must admit those polish guys are very cute as you can tell from the pic above.

Weekend Update

Ok guys I have a lot of stuff to talk about for this past weekend so let's just jump right into it.


Friday was a great day, we celebrated my friends birthday party (turned the big 29). I decided to try and start the night off slow by drinking Malibu Rum, after a few drinks of this the I decided it was time to more on to the Big Boy... the 151. Man it also knocked me on my ass... There were people climbing on Life Guard towers, doing shots of the 151 oh and then I can't forget the double shots of Jello shots (someone needs to teach Pepsi what a shot size is) Oh I found my future ex boyfriend. His name is Dan and he has the most amazing hair (I got to run my fingers through it a few times that night). The sad part about this is that he's moving away in the next two weeks which does not give me that much time to get into his pants. We continue to drink, eat and be merry into the we hours of the night. I managed to stumble home and crashed.


Saturday started off with a hang over and a need for food. I woke up around 10am and managed to get from my bed to my couch. I texted a few of my friends because I remembered we were suppose to see Jim Verraros (of American Idol and Eating Out)but everyone was still to hung over to make it. I stayed on the couch for some time as I was channel surfing and then I got a text from my buddy
Justin. Turned out he was going to Venetian Night and wanted to know if I wanted to join him. For those of you that do not know Venetian Night is basically a parade of boats on the water. The put different designs on and go up the harbor for all to view. There were some pretty good ones this year, the best to me had to be the Blues Brother one I believe. But back to my story. So I managed to drag myself off of the couch and get in the shower. After the fresh water hit my face I started to feel alive again. I quickly changed and headed towards the El to get there. As I arrived I notice that he was there with his Lesbians friends (thank god Lesbians know how to arrive early to events unlike gay guys). They had a kick ass spot already picked out along with booze, food, chairs and everything else you could need. We enjoyed ourselves as the day went on and then it was time for the show. It first started off by a demonstration from the Coast Guard of a water rescue mission which was pretty amazing to watch. A helicopter arrived over the water and two divers jumped in (one being the victim the other the rescuer). It was good for the first 5 min but the 10 min after that was pretty boring. Then in the distance we saw these lights heading towards us Justin and I looked up at them and it was go big we thought it had to be a 747 or something larger. As the lights got closer to us we noticed that it was not one plane but 6-7 of them flying so close in formation that from a distance it appeared as though they were one. It was pretty amazing to see. After this small air show it was time for the parade of boats. We had amazing seats that were RIGHT off of the waters (again thank you lesbians). As the music started and the boats started to enter the harbor my heart started to pound as I was getting excited. After the first 3 boats went past my excitement started to turn into dissappointment. Now I must admit, some of the boats had AMAZING teams (Chicago Bears, Bulls even a "Crosstown Classic" boat), but most of them were not. However as the sun went down and the night started to fall upon us it was time for the best part of the show the fire works this was amazing. We set back and looked up at the sky as the city of Chicago lit up the shore line. I must admit this was all worth it I never seen anything like that. Some of the explosions reminded me of a Stargate battle with the Ancients (yeah I'm a SciFi geek... kill me now). After the fireworks ended we waited until the 500,000+ other people left the park so we won't get caught in the sea of people. As we got on the train I decided I should head home instead of going out anymore (at least that was the plan). As I said good bye to Justin and everyone else heading home I got a text from one of my friends basically saying "We're at the bar come join us". Well since the bar was less then a block away from where I was at I figured what the hell. Long story short we ended up hitting three other bars that night and I did not get home until 4-5am (Oh this was part two of my friends birthday party). Oh and I also have to say thanks to Bryan for being such a good sports and getting naked in front of all the gay boys they really enjoyed that.


Woke up with hangover part 2 today. However I knew I had big plans for tonight. I was going to a Soccer game with my friend Cort. He was working earlier that morning near my home so after work he stopped over, changed and we headed out to the game. We just there just as they were starting game one (Which was Mexico vs. Italy). Now this was my first time at a soccer game and I had a good time even though (no offense to anyone) Italy SUCKED..... Mexico kicked their ass 2-0. It did not even look like Italy was really trying. However when game two came on the stadium seemed to come alive. It was Spain vs. Poland, OMG I never seen such a alive crowd. The fans were cheering from all over the place (we were sitting in the poland side so we decided to cheer for poland so we won't get beat up). I'm not sure what the chants were that they were saying but since they kept repeating it throughout the entire game I learned it by ear, I just wish I knew what I was saying. The sames (and the guys) were amazing. However I must say SEVEN bucks for a f*cking beer you have to be kidding me. We still managed to have a great time and I'll be posting some pics of this later today.

So as you can tell I had a very busy weekend this week. I really need to take a bit of a break but I won't be able to do that until after Market Days which is taking place Aug 11-12.

Hottie of the Day
Tricia Helfer

Hotties of The Day
Jacoc & Joshua aka Nemesis

Jul 27, 2007

Exclusive Cloverfield | 1-18-08 Teaser Trailer!!

Ok everyone this is a huge trailer that is getting alog of buzz. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Jul 26, 2007

Geek Corner

Posted Jul 24th by Thomas Ricker

Panasonic just unveiled a trio of new Lumix shooters: the wide angle DMC-FX33 and DMC-FX55 (pictured) with 3-inch LCD and FZ18 with 18x optical zoom. Kicking things off are the two nearly identical 28-mm wide angle compacts. The FX33 bests its FX30 sib by packing an 8.1 megapixel 1/2.5-inch CCD and new light sensor to increase the 2.5-inch LCD's brightness when in direct sunlight. The FX55 then, brings the same pixel count along with that monster 3-inch LCD and same 28-mm wide angle, 3.6x optical zoom LEICA DC lens. The DMC-FZ18 meanwhile, brings the same CCD sensor only with a 28-mm wide angle, 18x optical zoom Leica DC Vario-Elmarit lens. All three ship in a variety of colors with face detection tech and Panny's optical image stabilization which will definitely come in handy on the biggie zoom.

New internet love - Markus Poyhonen

I just discovered this guy however I'm already in love with him.. check out the clips of his bouncing bluge it's amazing.

Here is a clip of some very hot guys dancing to a remix of Madonna's SORRY. I'm sure after the song went off then ended up doing somethine else but that's a different post.

Being Outed

My friend Justin posted a very interesting story on his blog about being Outed I thought you all might enjoy reading it. After I read it I'm not sure how I would have reacted in this situation. Now thinking about it I'm not sure what I would have done to the guy that started the situation.


This would be horrible scene to see happen at a concert. I'm glad that she is doing OK.

EDIT: I knew it was a matter of time before their record label removed this video. I hope you had the chance to enjoy it.

The fall of Destiny's child

This is a clip of Michelle falling doing a live performance.

EDIT: I knew it was a matter of time before their record label removed this video. I hope you had the chance to enjoy it.


OK well I know you all may have already seen this video of Beyonce taking a fall. I must admit I chuckled a bit. However I'm glad she was not injured. You might want to watch this video really fast before Sony (her record lable) has it removed.

EDIT: I knew it was a matter of time before their record label removed this video. I hope you had the chance to enjoy it.

Jul 25, 2007

Bedroom Fashion

I know that when some people think of fashion they usually think of clothes, shoes, eyewear etc. However fashion can come from almost anywhere. Today I'm going to focus on the fashion of your bedroom. Not many guys take into count the thread count (do you like that play on words) of their linen. Here are a few ideas to think about.

Save a filthy bathroom, there's nothing less romantic and unappealing to a man about to spend his first night at your place than rumpled, mismatched bed sheets and pizza crumbs in the bed. While you probably don't spend much time thinking about the decor of your boudoir, rest assured that he does.

Men view a bed as more than a place for sleeping and other animal activities. They also see it as a tranquil place to unwind and lounge around. To encourage him to spend more time between your sheets, you should invest in some linens that are more current than those your mom packed for you when you left for college.

Fortunately, bed sheets are not as time-sensitive as wardrobe items, so whichever ones you choose will last you several years. Here are some suggestions on how to turn your bed into a haven of comfort and style.

Bed, Bath and Beyond flannel sheet set
Chocolate and ice blue are a highly complementary pairing. A combination of plaid print and 100% cotton flannel fabric gives these sheets from Bed, Bath and Beyond a rugged and woodsy feel. Boasting five ounces of cotton per square yard, these heavy-duty sheets will lend a country cabin feel to your room all while keeping you toasty at night. To enhance the outdoorsy atmosphere of your room, add a guitar, an overstuffed armchair and some not-too-perfect-looking wooden dressers and bookcases.

Yves Delorme Malo bedding
It's hard to get any more classic and timeless than blue and white pinstriped bedding. This set from Yves Delorme is extra soft against your skin due to its satin weave, and it will never go out of style. Continue a cool and refreshing nautical theme by adding red throw pillows and blankets or add some sunshine to your bedroom by bringing in a couple of bright yellow accessories.

Ralph Lauren Wentworth cuff sheeting
An American style icon, Ralph Lauren rarely disappoints when it comes to tasteful home decor, and these sheets are no exception. Crisp white cotton meets wide black cuffs in these 200-thread-count sheets and pillowcases, and the result is pure elegance. No matter what furniture you currently have in your bedroom, it’s highly unlikely these sheets won’t match your current belongings.

If you plan to refurnish your bedroom in addition to getting new sheets, consider choosing modern designs to emphasize the sharp and sophisticated look of this bedding.

Dwell cotton sheet set
If you're a wild, crazy and playful kind of guy, give her a heads-up by choosing more adventurous linens. This Swinging Sixties-inspired set from Dwell is different -- but not in a freakish revolving bed with leopard print sheets kind of way. Make sure you tone it down in the rest of your room, however, by selecting earth tones for your paint and furniture. If you already have a lot of dark wooden furniture around your sleeping area and are looking to give your bedroom a quick boost, these cheery-colored, vintage-print sheets are perfect for the job.