Aug 30, 2007

Hot Guys

Hello everyone I know it's been a while since I've last posted however things have been really crazy here lately. I'm going to try and post more often though but in the mean time I hope you enjoy these videos.

Hot Bel Ami Boys

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Aug 24, 2007

Pop lock & drop it

Who says white guys can't dance. Here is a guy that proves them wrong watch as he get's down and shake his ass.

pop lock & drop it

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Aug 23, 2007


OK... I have to say I was not to sure about this at first however it's actually pretty good. Let me know what you all think.

Aug 21, 2007

Bell tolls for "Heroes"

Kristen Bell is one mysterious women. Bell a.k.a former teen detective Veronica Mars, is joining the "Heroes" cast as Elle, a sexy, intriguing, mysterious young lady, accourding to NBC. It is unclear whether Elle is a hero or a villian, a typical plot stunt on "Heroes."

Perhaps Bell can use her "Veronica Mars" detective skills to figure out what's up in the convoluted "Heroes" world.

Bell joins recently announced "Heros" cast addition Nichelle Nichol, who played Lt. Uhura on "Star Trek".

Nichelle Nichol is the second cast member from Star Trek to join the cast Heroes. Late last season George Takei joined the cast as a former "Hero".

Aug 20, 2007

Hottie of the Day
Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer was born in Donalda, Alberta, Canada where she was raised on the family grain farm. She fell into modeling in high school when an agent discovered her in the line up of the local movie theatre and sent her to New York. There she won the “Ford Supermodel of the World Contest” and began her career working for magazines such as “Elle,” “Vogue,” and “Cosmopolitan.”
Her campaigns include the likes of Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and she has graced the catwalks of designers such as Versace, Dolce Gabbana, and Christian Dior to name a few.

While modeling, Helfer also worked as a correspondent reporter for Canada’s “Ooh La La” Fashion Television where she realized a passion for acting during an on-camera class. This prompted her move to Los Angeles in 2002 where she quickly landed the role of ‘Sarah,’ in the two-hour premiere of the Showtime series, “Jeremiah.” Helfer memorably guest starred as a model who tries to cut off her own face on the hit series “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation,” and the lead role of ‘Eva’ in the independent feature “White Rush.”

Helfer started 2003 off by starring in the Scifi miniseries “Battlestar Galactica” where she played the humanoid Cylon ‘Number Six’ and also filmed the lead role of ‘Farrah Fawcett’ in the “Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie’s Angels” on NBC. In 2004, Helfer reprised her role of ‘Number Six’ in the first season of “Battlestar Galactica.”

2005 was busy for Helfer as she filmed the lead role of ‘Stephanie Jacobs’ in the independent feature “Mem(o)re” opposite Dennis Hopper, guest starred on “The Collector” as ‘Janis’, filmed the mockumentary, “The Green Chain” as ‘Leila Cole’, filmed the independent feature “Spiral” as ‘Sasha’ with David Joel Moore and reprised ‘Number Six’ for the second season of the critically acclaimed series Battlestar Galactica.

Starting off 2006, Helfer filmed the lead role of ‘Ally’ in the independent feature “The Genius Club” and then headed into new territory, hosting and producing “Canada’s Next Top Model” before filming the third season of the award winning show “Battlestar Galactica,” where she again brought back the chilling ‘Number Six.’ Tricia finished off the year by playing ‘General Kilian Qatar’ in the video game, “Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.”

Tricia began 2007 by guest staring as ‘Molly McNamara’ on “Supernatural” and playing ‘Naomi’ in a new Fox pilot, “Them.” Tricia is currently filming an independent feature with LeeLee Sobieski, “Walk All Over Me” where she plays the role of ‘Celene’ before returning to her infamous role as the seductive ‘Number Six’ for the fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica.”

Hottie of the Day
Travis Fimmel

Fimmel grew up on a farm outside of Echuca, Victoria, Australia, as the youngest of three brothers. At the age of eighteen, Fimmel moved to Melbourne, Victoria to play football and study project management at RMIT University. However, his football career was cut short by a broken leg. He began modelling in 1998, when Fimmel was approached in a Melbourne gym by Matthew Anderson, a booker from Chadwick Model Management, with an offer to join the agency. Fimmel later rose to prominence as the star of Calvin Klein's "Crave" advertising campaign and playing the title role in The WB network's failed television series Tarzan.

An avid barefooter, Fimmel claims to go barefoot almost exclusively. He made an infamous barefoot appearance on the The Sharon Osbourne Show and is often seen and photographed in bare feet, or at most, wearing flip flops.

Fimmel has also appeared in two music videos, for "I'm Real" by Jennifer Lopez and "Someone to Call My Lover" by Janet Jackson.

Fimmel is also an oil painter. However this talent has gone largely unnoticed in respect to his professional career.

Aug 17, 2007

Friday Humor

I figured what better way to end the weekdend than with a few jokes.. I hope you all enjoy them.

A duck walks into a pub and orders a schooner of beer and a ham sandwich.

The barman looks at him and says, "But you're a duck".

"I see your eyes are working", replies the duck.

"And you talk!" exclaims the barman.

"I see your ears are working", says the duck,

"Now can I have my beer and my sandwich please?"

"Certainly", says the barman, "sorry about that, it's just we don't get
many ducks in this pub. What are you doing round this way?".

"I'm working on the building site across the road", explains the duck.

Then the duck drinks his beer, eats his sandwich and leaves.

This continues for 2 weeks. Then one day the circus comes to town.

The Ringleader of the circus comes into the pub and the barman says to him,

"You're with the circus aren't you?, I know this duck that would be just
brilliant in your circus, he talks, drinks beer and everything!".

"Sounds marvelous", says the ringleader, "get him to give me a call".

So the next day when the duck comes into the pub the barman says,

"Hey Mr Duck, I reckon I can line you up with a top job, paying really good

"Yeah?", says the duck, "Sounds great, where is it?"

"At the circus", says the barman.

"The circus?" the duck enquires.

"That's right", replies the barman.

"The circus?" the duck asks again.

"Yes" says the barman

"That place with the big tent?" the duck enquires.

"Yeah" the barman replies.

"With all the animals?" the duck questioned.

"Of Course" the barman replies.

"With the big canvas roof with the hole in the middle", asks the duck.

"That's right!" says the barman.

The duck looks confused.

"What the fuck would they want with a bricklayer?

Husband Wanted.

A lonely older lady, aged 75, decided it was time to get married. She put a
wanted ad in the local paper that read: HUSBAND WANTED.
Must be in my age group, must not beat me, must not run around on me, and
must still be good in bed! All applicants must apply in person.

On the second day of the ad, she heard the doorbell ring. Much to her
dismay, when she opened the door, there sat a man in a wheelchair. He had
no arms or legs.

She asked sardonically, "You're not expecting me to consider you, are you?
Just look at you - you have no legs!"
The old man smiled, "Therefore no chance to run around on you!"
She snorted, "You have no arms either!"
Again the old man smiled. "Nor can I beat you!"
The old lady raised her eyebrows and gazed at him intensely. "Are you still
good in bed?" she asked.
With a smirk the old man said, "Rang the doorbell didn't I?"


Cute Story
Little Bruce and Jenny are only 10 years old, but they just know that they
are in love.
One day they decide that they want to get married, so Bruce goes to Jenny's
father to ask him for her hand. Bruce bravely walks up to him and says,
"Mr. Smith, me and Jenny are in love, and I want to ask you for her hand
in marriage."
Thinking that this was just the cutest thing, Mr. Smith replies, "Well
Bruce, you are only 10. Where will you two live?"
Without even taking a moment to think about it, Bruce replies, "In Jenny's
room. It's bigger than mine, and we can both fit there nicely."
Still thinking this is just adorable, Mr. Smith says with a huge grin,
"Okay then how will you live? You're not old enough to get a job. You'll
need to support Jenny." Again, Bruce instantly replies, "Our allowance.
Jenny makes 5 bucks a week, and I make 10 bucks a week. That's about 60
bucks a month and that should do us just fine."
By this time, Mr. Smith is a little shocked that Bruce has put so much
thought into this. He thinks for a moment trying to come up with
something that Bruce won't have an answer to.
After a second, Mr. Smith says: "Well Bruce, it seems like you have got
everything all figured out. I just have one more question for you. What
will you do if the two of you should have little ones of your own?"
Bruce just shrugs his shoulders and says, "Well, we've been lucky so far."
Mr. Smith no longer thinks the little shit is so adorable!

Aug 14, 2007

Fran Drescher - Thank God You're Here!

Ok, Well I just caught this episode last night and all I can say is Fran had me laughing my ass off. From the clips I've seen she had to be the best in my opinion. If they keep this going I'll be adding this to my "must see TV".

Aug 13, 2007

Avril L. Parody "BOTTUM"

This video was so funny to watch. I was at my desk cracking up. I'm not going to say who it reminds me of but I'm sure they know who they are.

Avril L. Parody "BOTTUM"

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Male Hottie Of The Day
Silvio Nascimento

I also thought I'll add a video for your viewing pleasure.

Female Hottie Of The Day
Lucy Pinder

Lucy Katherine Pinder (b. 20 December 1983 in Winchester, Hampshire, England) is a glamour model. She was spotted by a freelance photographer while sunbathing on Bournemouth beach in the summer of 2003; as a result of photographs taken that day, she signed a professional modelling contract with The Daily Star, which has propelled her into the public eye. In the 2005 UK edition of the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World Lucy was a new entry in the poll and finished 16th overall. She appeared at 35th place in the 2006 poll. Unlike most glamour models, Pinder did not pose for photographs showing her nipples, until she finally posed topless for the weekly UK lads mag Nuts in the April 6-April 12 issue in 2007. She is regularly photographed with other glamour models, including Michelle Marsh and Sophie Howard. Lucy has been dating her boyfriend Peter Hooper, a teacher, for seven years. She lists some of her dislikes as clowns (especially Pennywise from It), wasps and racism. She is an ambassador for Kick 4 Life, a charity that uses football to fight poverty and disease in the developing world. She is also a Southampton Football Club supporter.

Taylor Dayne - Market Days Chicago 2007

OK... This has to be the highlight of Market Days in Chicago, the one and only Taylor Dayne ...

Aug 9, 2007

Video Clips from National Underwear Day

Gym Workout 5/7/08

Ok everyone... This is my final workout that I accomplished. I'm hoping that by next week I should be on schedule to post these more often. If anyone has any suggestions on things I can do to switch up my work out would be very helpful. Also I'm doing the body for life workout and I will be posting those in addition to my ActivTrax workouts. I know most of you might think I'm pushing myself a bit hard but I really want to lose these final 10lbs.

Workout Part 3

Aug 8, 2007

Workout's Part 2


I'm sorry about the non posting of my workouts but since my company relocation I've been having trouble posting these. Here are a few of them, and I will try to post the rest later.

Grooming Products for Men

I was astounded to discover how many searches are done every day, from guys seeking advice on grooming and related products. More specifically, they're looking for advice on washing and styling their hair, moisturizing their face, and removing unwanted body hair.

This overwhelming number of queries led me to shop around for grooming products, test them out and ultimately list the finest one for each popular grooming problem. Since we men are generally lazy creatures by nature, I also chose to list the products that are available online so you can purchase them without even having to venture into a mall.

This said, let's find out which quality products made the cut as the top men's grooming products.

pump up the hairdo

Two of the most popular hair-related queries were: "volume shampoos" and "shampoos that add volume." After testing out many of the better-known brands, I came upon a site where I found many quality products, one of which was shampoo that gave my hair a healthy spike of volume.

Pump up my hairdo is exactly what Mont Source Moisturizing Shampoo did. The shampoo gave my do a great texture, perfect for styling, all the while moisturizing my hair and scalp. The scent wasn't too intense yet strong enough to give my hair a nice refreshing and clean touch.

Please note that you'll get better results if you complement the shampoo wash with the Mont Source Stimulating Conditioner.

styling products

Once your hair is well-cleaned and dried, the next step is to style it to perfection. And for that you'll need the right products. Again, by analyzing AskMen's article searches, I noticed that guys were looking for two particular textures for their hair: a natural look and a more glossy, gelled-up one.

One of my colleagues and I tried various products, and clearly, different products will work differently for each hair type. We did, however, come to an agreement and found two products that stuck out from the rest. Surprisingly, they're also both made by Mont Source. Let me tell you, the quality-price ratio on these products is great.

For those seeking a natural look, Texture Pomade 7 is the product you've been looking for. Pomade 7 will give your hair a natural finish, but it also offers great holding and molding characteristics.

The texture is more or less similar to that of yogurt without the stickiness of other pomades, which is great since you won't have to wash your hands after playing with your hair. Pomade 7 also tenders a very pleasant and masculine scent.

Mont Source's pomade is very easy to apply, and another great advantage is that it takes a very small amount to get the desired style. Pomade 7 is also a great moisturizer that will make your hair look healthier and shinier than with most other pomades.

For a wet look without any stiffness, Mont Source Forming Gel is the product of choice. It's a superb smelling gel that offers a medium hold, thereby making your hair very maneuverable at all times.

I don't usually use gel so I had one of my colleagues try it. His comments on the Mont Source Forming Gel were: "I used nearly half of the quantity of gel I usually use and it kept my hair up all day, no problem."

face these products

There are two grooming questions guys ask when it comes to their face. First, they want to get rid of the oily look on their forehead, and second, they want to relieve any dryness without making their face look shiny.

Well you're in luck guys, because I found two products that will do exactly that. They're both from California North, and haven't been tested on animals. They work great.

Gelskin Wash
The wonderful thing about Califoria North Gelskin Wash is that it was designed for the face first but it can also be used as a body cleanser. The body wash is well-priced and will leave your face clean, without the shine.

Simply use with a washcloth in the shower or bath, once a day.

Action Moisturizer
The California North Action Moisturizer is oil-free so it won't clog up your pores, one of the primary causes of an oily-looking face.

It's a great all-around moisturizer. Apply it on your body once you're out of the shower, and it will offer you full-day protection against dry skin.

for the body

Body hair
Guys constantly ask about waxing, electrolysis and hair removal lotions. So whether you're looking to remove the hair from your back, shoulders or chest, I suggest Nair for men. It provides a smooth, clean look with results that last days longer than with regular shaving.

It's also hassle-free and much less painful than waxing. Simply apply on the body for 15 minutes and rinse off in the shower. Get your free sample at

Everyone's hair and skin is different and therefore have different needs; don't be afraid to try various products and you'll eventually find the best ones for you.

Funny Video Clips

This first one ask "How good is your Gaydar"?

This one wants to know "How good does YOUR condom taste"

I think this commercial speaks for itself.

Aug 7, 2007

National Underwear Day Pictures

Alright... Now I might be a big biasis but here are a few pictures from National Underwear Day. If you would like to see more pics (including some females) you can check them out here Freshpair National Underwear Day. Now if only this becomes a national holiday and we get the day off of work it would be perfect.