Jan 31, 2008

American Idolator

On my way into work today I was reading the paper and they were talking about Ryan Seacrest and how he use to host a "Teen" version of American Gladiators back in the mid 90's. It's been said that they will start airing these episodes again in syndication. But for those of you that can not wait to see Seacrest in his younger days. Here is a clip of the video. You can you to youtube and type in "Seacrest Gladiators" and get more clips. Oh and if you're trying to figure out who the female is, she use to star with Jessica Alba on "DarkAngel" as Original Cindy.

Gym Workout 01/30/08

Attached is my gym workout for 1/30/08. It was an intense Upper Body, Arm Focus workout that I really enjoyed. If you can't tell I'm trying to get back into shape for summer. I've also been watching my eating; however I must admit I thought Gatorade was good for me until I actually read the label (Thanks to "The Biggest Loser"). As I'm looking at it these are the ingredients found in Gatorade

Water, sucrose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup), citric acid, natural and artificial strawberry flavors, salt, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, red 40.

Now I remember from watching the news a few months ago and they tried to explain how to read the labels. What really stood out for me is that the first ingredients listed consist of what the drink has more of. So besides water in Gatorade it's mostly sucrose syrup, high fructose corn syrup (glucose-fructose syrup). None of these from my understanding is good for you. So I have to ask you why it that Gatorade is pushed as an “energy drink”. I mean I understand if you're doing a hard workout or playing in an active sport, however they make it sound like Gatorade is a healthy alternative to drinking water which it is not. So I've made a decision to stop drinking Gatorade unless I'm involved in some high activity event such as cardio or playing sports (anyone up for tennis this summer doing the Blogger meet up this up coming year).

Jan 30, 2008

Gym Workout for 1/29/08

Below please find my workout for 1/29/09. I will later post my dinner for this night as well, also a very importing fact I found out about Gatorade I wish I knew earlier.

Jan 29, 2008

Gym Workout 01/28/08

Attached in my gym workout for January 28, 2008. I keep forgetting to post my workout routine here but I'm sure I'll get better.

Jan 28, 2008

Can it really work with nothing in common?

I’m writing this blog because of a friend that can not see the errors of his ways and I wanted to see if there were anyone else out there that have friends in this same type of situation.

My buddy Chris is a 30 year old guy that likes “younger” boys, and by younger I mean twinks that can pass for girls. Now he’s a very nice and attractive guy however he always seems to pick the wrong guys and basically everyone tells him it’s because he’s always trying to date someone 10 years his junior.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it can’t work out with someone that is 10 years younger then you but serious. Besides sex what would a 30 and 20 year old have in common (and on that note my buddy does not believe in having random sex)?

This new guy he has been “dating” for about a week name Robert broke up with him via text (that’s even worst than Carrie being broken up with on a post it note). Chris was so upset about that that he removed him from his Myspace page (don’t even get me started on that). Plus he talked to me saying that he really need to start dating guys his own age since he realize that he does not have anything in common with younger guys.

This all happened on Saturday morning. Now today after I get to work I get a text message from Chris saying “Make up sex is the best”. I gave him a call and he went back to Robert. He stated that Robert called him and apologized for being so jealous about Chris hanging out with me on Friday and not being with him (even though he could not go out because he’s still in school).

To me it really makes Chris look pathetic because he said that he knows he has nothing in common with this person yet he still went back to him. I finally had to tell him that I don’t want to hear about his relationships anymore because they are always the same… Going for the younger, immature guy and they all end the say way.

The worst part about it is Chris gets hit on by guys his own age who he will have a lot more in common with and I could actually see something coming out of it but because they are not twinks he does not pay them any attention.

I know I should not care who he dates because it’s none of my business, however I can’t help but care about my friends and want the best for them. So what should I do? Should I continue to support him in the poor decisions he’s making in the guys he’s dating. Should I just keep my mouth shut and not mention it anything to him unless he ask? Or was it best to do what I did and tell him I really don’t want to hear about his relationships (or the break up that is sure to follow)?

Please note names have been changed to protect the guilty but he knows who he is.

Making The Band

I've seen this on several different blogs so I figured what the hell I'll give it a try. The idea is to create a band name using random things found on the internet. You have to come up with a Album Cover, title and Band name. Please use the following sites to find each of the above information.

Get the name of your band here. The article you land on is the name of your band.

Find the title of your album here. The last 4 words of the very last quotation is the title of your band's album.

Finally, get your cover art here. The 3rd photo is the cover of your album.

Put it all together and post it on your blog.

Female Hottie of the Week Tricia Helfer

Hottie of the Week
Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer was born in Donalda, Alberta, Canada where she was raised on the family grain farm. She fell into modeling in high school when an agent discovered her in the line up of the local movie theatre and sent her to New York. There she won the “Ford Supermodel of the World Contest” and began her career working for magazines such as “Elle,” “Vogue,” and “Cosmopolitan.”
Her campaigns include the likes of Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Giorgio Armani and she has graced the catwalks of designers such as Versace, Dolce Gabbana, and Christian Dior to name a few.

While modeling, Helfer also worked as a correspondent reporter for Canada’s “Ooh La La” Fashion Television where she realized a passion for acting during an on-camera class. This prompted her move to Los Angeles in 2002 where she quickly landed the role of ‘Sarah,’ in the two-hour premiere of the Showtime series, “Jeremiah.” Helfer memorably guest starred as a model who tries to cut off her own face on the hit series “C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation,” and the lead role of ‘Eva’ in the independent feature “White Rush.”

Helfer started 2003 off by starring in the Scifi miniseries “Battlestar Galactica” where she played the humanoid Cylon ‘Number Six’ and also filmed the lead role of ‘Farrah Fawcett’ in the “Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Charlie’s Angels” on NBC. In 2004, Helfer reprised her role of ‘Number Six’ in the first season of “Battlestar Galactica.”

2005 was busy for Helfer as she filmed the lead role of ‘Stephanie Jacobs’ in the independent feature “Mem(o)re” opposite Dennis Hopper, guest starred on “The Collector” as ‘Janis’, filmed the mockumentary, “The Green Chain” as ‘Leila Cole’, filmed the independent feature “Spiral” as ‘Sasha’ with David Joel Moore and reprised ‘Number Six’ for the second season of the critically acclaimed series Battlestar Galactica.

Starting off 2006, Helfer filmed the lead role of ‘Ally’ in the independent feature “The Genius Club” and then headed into new territory, hosting and producing “Canada’s Next Top Model” before filming the third season of the award winning show “Battlestar Galactica,” where she again brought back the chilling ‘Number Six.’ Tricia finished off the year by playing ‘General Kilian Qatar’ in the video game, “Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.”

Tricia began 2007 by guest staring as ‘Molly McNamara’ on “Supernatural” and playing ‘Naomi’ in a new Fox pilot, “Them.” Tricia is currently filming an independent feature with LeeLee Sobieski, “Walk All Over Me” where she plays the role of ‘Celene’ before returning to her infamous role as the seductive ‘Number Six’ for the fourth season of “Battlestar Galactica.”

Male Hottie of the Week Cameron Byrnes

Male Hottie Of The Week
Cameron Byrnes

Jan 24, 2008

A Gay Dream

I must admit this seems like a good dream to have

Jan 23, 2008

Male Hottie of the Week Ryan S

These are more wonderful pieces from amazing photographer Adam Bouska. If you get a chance check out his work you WON'T be dissappointed.

Trying to Make better Eating Habits

The following are pics of my last two meals that I created as well as a look into my fridge. I really need help to try and lose the final 10lbs I've been trying to get to lose for the past 4 months.

The picture below is of my meal over the weekend which included broiled chicken breast and a side of spinach with a glass of milk. I know it does not look like much but I'm working on it.

This picture is of what I had last night. It's 3 turkey tacos with lettuce salsa and a bit of shredded cheese on a flour tortillas and a bottle of Gatorade. I do not put sour cream on this meal.

This final picture is a quick snap of my fridge. Which consist of (starting from the bottom to the top), Gatorade to stay hydrated, steak for the protein. Middle level fruits, bread lunch meats. The top section is a bunch of mixed of items.

I know this is a really boring post and I'm not even sure why I decided to post it. I guess maybe if I force myself to actually "SEE" my food maybe I'll make better eating habits for myself.

CTA love connection leads to a proposal

I was told about this video just the other day and thought I would share it with all of my readers. It just shows that love can come at the strangest places and times and to always keep your heart open to meeting people. Granted I did get a bit emotional watching the video (I think the guys getting emotional is what really got to me). Plus it gave me a bit of hope that I could find love also.

So if anyone in Chicago takes the Purple Line express to Evanston in the mornings be on the look out for me.

Jan 18, 2008

Fitness Report Card

I might be doing more harm than good but attached I printed out a copy of my fitness report. I'm planning on going to the gym by the end of February and getting this taken again. I'm hoping to have made a vast amount of improvement especially in the upper body. I would like to hear from others and what type of workouts they are doing and if they think the progress I've made so far is good.

What kind of tea are you?

I could not figure out how to get the link in the picture so please click here Tea Quiz

I could not figure out how to copy the link from the picture so I had to do a copy / paste. I'm not sure if this is really right for me for it's fun.

Blow up on the CTA

I could not believe this actually happened on the train as I was coming into work today. I was already in a bad mood because it -26 in Chicago (with the wind chill) and as I got on the train after waiting for around 10 min this guy started begging people for 75 cents. Now I'm not sure if it's just me or if others feel the same way but at 0630 in the morning I don't want anyone talking to me, much less asking me for change (don't get me wrong I am a morning person). After he went through our entire car asking people for change he moved to the back and THIS is really what bothered me.

I was reading my Redeye when all of a sudden I started to smell smoke. It turned out that this guy that was just begging for changed decided he was to good to follow the law and started smoking on the train. That was it.. I don't know what happened but I snapped at the guy.

Me: Hey you know there is no smoking on the train right (in a loud voice)
Him: Are you the cops or something
Me: It doesn't' f*cking matter there is no smoking on the train or on the platform so put that s*it out.
Him: (as he's walking past me getting on a different car) You need to mind your own business

I could not believe no one else on the train said anything to this guy. I guess he figured that since he was black and basically everyone else on the train was white that they would not say anything to him for fear of "making the black man mad).

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a big and bad guy however I'm not big on smoke and at 0630 in the morning I did not want to be bothered with it. To be honest I was wondering if he just went to a different car and continued to smoke his cigarette.

But I want to know what you would have done if you were in my situation. Would you have said something or just ignored it.

Food for thought

Well I'm sure a lot of you will find this a very strange post especially you fitnessnerd but I thought "what the hell". I was making dinner last night and after I finished making it I looked at my dish and thought, damn this looks pretty good, so I decided to take a picture of it. I'm trying to eat clean this year but considering I don't know how to cook it's very hard (George Foreman Grill comes in very handy). I placed the food on a small saucer so that way it really looks like it's a lot more than it actually is. I had one piece of fish (Tilapia), brown rice and stir fry veggies. I cooked the rice and steamed the veggies using chicken broth to give it a little extra flavor.

The other picture is what I decided to have for breakfast today (1-18-08). I know it might look like a lot but I think it's a reasonable balance. But if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. I usually have either a bowl of instant oatmeal with turkey sausage/bacon or a carnation instant breakfast.

I know.. I know.. I'm a big geek for taking pictures of my food. I'm not sure if I'll continue this or not.

Jan 17, 2008

Gym Workout 1/16/08

Well guys it's been a long time coming again but I've finally managed to be able to post my workouts. It has been a while since I've really hit the gym "hard" but I'm going to try and do it more this year (and no that' s not one of me resulations). Here is the last workout that I completed at the gym, oh and I'm going to start swimming around 2x a week also for my cardio which should be pretty fun. I'm also considering doing a "food log" in addition to this workout log. Let me know what you guys (or girls) think about that idea.

Layer for 2008

Fashion, like a good relationship, works best when you understand its many layers. This not-so-new but all-important concept is crucial. Wearing layers has the ability to spruce up traditional outfits, like the fundamental T-shirt and jeans combo, plus it allows you to reuse your basic wardrobe staples time and time again, recreating different outfits. Basically, wearing layers takes your clothes -- and your look -- to a whole new level.

Follow our tips for wearing layers and you’re guaranteed to multiply the options in your wardrobe -- in addition to looking dapper for the ladies.

Avoid oversized or bulky garments
The fundamental rule for wearing layers is: Avoid oversized or bulky garments altogether. The purpose of layers is to create a warm, sophisticated look that’s both smooth and complementary. Layering pieces that are too big or too bulky will only defeat the purpose. Piling on clothes that are either too large or too heavy causes you to appear disheveled and overstuffed. For example, a nice sweater worn over a dress shirt that’s too big looks messy and unkempt, while adding a heavy wool sweater over a collared shirt appears hulking and disproportionate. So, when wearing layers, use only those garments in your closet with a classic light and tailored fit.

Wear heavier fabrics on top
As you start building a layered outfit, start with the lighter fabrics underneath and the heavier ones on the top. When wearing layers, you should build them gradually in terms of weight from the inside out. In constructing the outfit this way, your overall appearance will be fluid because you are actually “building up” your look. Failure to do so will create a cumbersome, sad-looking outfit that’s unbalanced and aesthetically displeasing. Picture a polo shirt over a cotton T-shirt -- that works. Now picture a polo shirt over a cotton sweater -- that’ll make you look like a social retard.

Hopefully you’re not color blind when you start wearing layers.

Be wary of layering multiple patterns
Patterns are another caveat when wearing layers: Always be wary of layering multiple patterns. Though mixing and matching patterns and prints creates extremely sharp outfits, it also causes some really bad ones too; the perfect balance must be struck to avoid seizure-inducing looks. But while mixing patterns is an art in and of itself, you should feel empowered to experiment, especially if you start small.
Begin by coordinating a lightly patterned white button-up with a more heavily patterned sweater that uses the same main color. However, until you’ve truly mastered pattern mixology, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and use a 1:1 ratio (one pattern with one solid).

Complement the colors of each layer
The best fashionites wearing layers use complementary colors to balance the overall appearance of their final look. Using complementary or matching colors ensures that all the layers in the outfit work in tandem, plus it establishes another level of successful “construction” to the outfit. When the color palettes of the individual garments correspond and/or match, the completed look seems intentional, thoughtful and dashing. For example, a red sweater vest over a button-up shirt with hints of red brings out the minor colors in the bottom layer, successfully integrating the two components together.

peeling back the layers
Wearing layers has many advantages. You can create new looks with the simple addition of a single garment; you can reuse different pieces in different ways, giving them more use and meaning; you can stay warmer all winter long; and, most importantly, you can walk around more stylishly and confidently. Give layering the fair shake it deserves with these four steps in mind, and layering will give you a whole new outlook on life -- and a whole new outfit on you.

Jan 16, 2008

Hillary Election Moments

I'm sure there are some of you out there that has seen this video already but I still find it pretty darn funny.

Jan 15, 2008

Favorite Stories

Not before I post my favorite stories I want to start off by saying I'm a changed person. I'm no longer the "whore" I use to be when I first started this blog (or at the end of 2007 for that matter). These are a few of my adventures that I've had in my early days of writing this blog.

Gay Games Opening In Chicago

Gay Games Closing In Chicago

Vegas Part 1

Vegas Part 2

Meeting Nemesis Rising

I want to stress in the above story NOTHING happened with me and the guys from Nemesis Rising (although I would not have objected to that happening).

Also I would like to acknowledge a few great guys I've happened to meet since I've started this blog and they are


He is such a great guy and we have a amazing time when we hang out (at least from what I can remember). The other guy I would like to acknowledge is


He is such a amazing guy and I must admit when I first met him I thought he might be one of those "pretty boys" that think they are better than anyone else. But he's nothing like that. He's really a down to earth caring type of guy.

Previous Female Hotties

I will leave this choice up to you the Readers. These are my top 4 female hotties that I have posted. But which one do YOU think is the best. Please use the voting poll which might not be visible in Google Reader.

Elisha Cutbert
Option A

Lucy Pinder
Option B

Ali Larter
Option C

Scarlett Johannson
Option D