Jun 27, 2008

OK guys.. I know I said I will try to post more stories so the following are some pictuers of my friends birthday party as well as a few videos of the night.. I should have stayed home as I did not get back in until 5am in the morning.

also I'm going to attach a few pictures of the night... as you can tell it was pretty wild... and it will only get wilder since this is Pride Weekend in Chicago.

Oh and one final more picture.. for those of you that remember that Bravo TV show "Make Me A Supermodel... do you know who this guy is?

I just had to take a picture with him.... and a few of his fag hags

Jun 26, 2008

Long Over Due

Hello Blog readers,

Sorry I have not posted in months however things have been very busy for me lately. I've started a new position at my company which is keeping me really busy, I've been seen someone for a few months and that is a challenge all in itself. Since the weather here in Chicago is finally getting warmer I've also been trying to enjoy the nightlife while I can (I feel you Jay on spending to much going out). But I promise to try and get back to blogging as much as I can. This weekend is actually pretty busy for me. It's pride weekend here in Chicago as well as several friends birthdays, so you should be expecting to see some real funny pictures.