Jul 31, 2006

Drunken Weekend

Hello everyone this week was pretty slow it started off with a bit of a work out at the gym (30 minutes on the treadmill). Then after that I took a quick shower at the gym and went home. Relaxed for a few (2 hours) then got a call from one of my Dave that wanted to hook up for a quicky before we went out for the night (not together but in a different group). So I went over to his place... took off my clothes and hooked up. It hurted a lot because of what happened this weekend (read the previous post about Friday morning). After we finished then I took a quick shower and went to meet my buddies. We ended up going to our normal hang out (north end) and stayed there a bit to late.

On the way back home I was hung over and STARVING so we decided to go to a mexican place called "Taco Palace". As we were there I saw this guy that I thought I knew.. I must have been really drunk becaus the next thing I knew I invited him back to my place where we made out for a bit. I wish he would have left when I woke up because when I saw him with a bit of a sober face I wanted to chew my arm off. He tried to have sex with me so I figured that was the easiest way to get him out of my apartment so I did the deed (and felt dirty after). After he left I took another shower to wash the ugly off of me.

Then there was saturday night. Which was pretty busy. I had my date with Dr. Rob. We went to a place which turned out the both of us like called "The Pepper Lounge". The dinner and conversation was really good. After we finished dinner we stopped by the North End to wish my buddy a happy birthday (he was turning 25 for the 2nd year in a row). After we spend about a hour there we headed back to Rob's apartment. Once we got there we made out on the couch for a bit and then went to bed. No sex happened that night because I was to wore out from the guy from Friday morning (this guy was REALLY thick). But I'm sure we'll be making up for lost time at least by next weekend. I'll keep you all updated on the situation.

Hottie of the Day
Blaine Wilson

Jul 28, 2006

Erotic Experience at the Gym

OK.... well this story is not about anything sexual but it was VERY erotic to me. I was at the gym and just finished doing a hour on the tread mill. I was drenched in sweat. So I went into the locker room. As I was in there I saw this guy who I've had the biggest crush on for a while. Well he was changing for the shower as well but got his gym clothes off before me. So by the time I went to the shower area I thought I missed him (figuring he was behind a curtain), so I went to the steam room instead. Well when I walked in there, there were several guys already in there (including my hottie). So I set across from him and looked at his body as he relaxed and stretched in the steam room.

After a few minutes he got up and headed out of the room to take a shower... after another few minutes I headed to the shower room as well. By this time there was only one shower stall available to I figured I'll take it. Well won't you know it my hottie was in the stall across from me. The reason I knew it was him is because he left the certain opened a bit. I enjoyed watching him soap his entire body from head to toe. He even turned around to wash his cock and it appeared as though he stroked it a few times.

I was so excited while watching this I had to turn off the hot water so I won't get to "excited". He continued to shower and I enjoyed the show for about another 5 minutes. Then he exited and headed towards the lockers to change. After he left I finished my shower and went to the locker area to put on my clothes. Luckly our lockers were in the same row so I was able to get another view of his body as he was changing from his wet clothes into his street clothes.

We smiled at each other as we got dressed and then went on our seperate ways. I'm hoping that maybe next time I'll have the balls to approach him and see if it would lead to something else. I would have been tempted to talk to him in the steam room if the other guys were not there. Until next time I'll keep you all posted on what happens.

Early Morning Surprise

Hello everyone I'm back with another story to tell you about. Well my day usually starts at 4:30am. So as I was waking up this morning I noticed I left my computer connected to Adam4Adam and I had a few messages. When I went to check and reply to them I received another one. My first thought was "who's awake at this hour". After I saw who it was from a smile came to my face. It's a guy name Eric that I've hooked up with before several times in the past. He wanted to know if he could come over so we could have sex (who am I to turn down a morning f*ck). I told him sure but he had to come over soon as I had to get ready for work.

Fifteen min later he's calling me on my phone telling me he's at the front door. I let him into the apartment and he still looks just as amazing now as he did the last time I saw him. When he came in I lead him towards the bedroom. From there I removed his pants and underwear and started to work on his cock... Now for you to truly understand the story you'll have to understand has cock. And let me tell you it's a thing of beauty. It's not to long but it's as THICK as any other cock I've ever seen. So here I am on my knees trying to get his entire cock in my mouth as I'm stroking my own cock. After I get him hard I tell him I dont' have that much time to play around so can we just f*ck now.

We walk towards the bed and he tells me to get on my stomach with my legs on the floor (which I of course do as I'm told). Then he gets his condoms and lube and put them on. Then he places his cock head at my hole. When he starts to push I can tell this is going to be a challange for me as I don't bottom that much. He continues to slowly insert his cock into my hole and then I feel myself start to open and allow him in. Once he has the head of his cock inside of me he slows down so I can get use to the feeling of being opened. After about 1-2 min he slowly starts to thrust in and out of me. Holding me by my hips and he's thrusting his cock in and out. Then after a few minutes of this he starts to pick up speed.

His thrusting becomes more intest as he realized I'm more relaxed and able to take him. He starts to really pound it into me really good. Then he stops and pulls out and tells me to get my entire body on the top of the bed. So here I am not laying on my stomach on my bed and he gets on top of me. He now don't even take his time and plungs his thick cock into my gaping hole. He graps my shoulders and insert every inch of his thick cock inside of me. After around 5 min of this he tells me to turn to my side and as I do he starts to jerk me off as he's thrust his cock inside of me. I tell him I'm getting close to cumming so he stops and pulls out.

He then proceed to flip me onto my back and pull my ass over the edge of the bed. Then insert his cock into me again. Now I"m looking into his eyes and see the lust in them as he continues to rape me for all he can. As he's tearing my hole apart I'm jerking my cock like there is no tomorrow. I can hear his breath coming is short spirts now. . I can tell he's getting close to cumming , as so was I. So he starts to thurst into me faster... and faster... my bed is hitting the wall at this point. I'm feeling my balls getting tighter.. .and tighter... then I started to cum all over my stomach. And I guess my orgasm set his off because the next thing I know he started to unload deep inside of me. It felt so amazing. After his orgasm stopped he slowly pulled his cock out of me and I looked at the condom and it was full of his cum. I told him "This is the way the morning should start". We kissed he put on his clothes and left. I took a quick shower and dressed for work. Granted I was late but I came into the office with a HUGE SMILE on my face. I hope this weekend continues to be just as great as this morning was.

Hottie Of The Day
Carlos Agassi

Jul 27, 2006

Hottie of the Day

Hottie of the Day
Matus Valent

Jul 26, 2006

Lance Bass of `N Sync reveals he's gay

Lance Bass, band member of 'N Sync, says he's gay and in a "very stable" relationship with a reality show star. Bass, who formed 'N Sync with
Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone andChris Kirkpatrick tells People magazine that he didn't earlier disclose his sexuality because he didn't want to affect the group's popularity.

"I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand, and I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said (that I was gay), it would overpower everything," he tells the magazine.

'N Sync is known for a string of hits including "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me." The band went on hiatus in 2002. Bass has also found headlines for undertaking astronaut training and failing to raise money for a trip into space.

Bass says he wondered if his coming out could prompt "the end of 'N Sync." He explains, "So I had that weight on me of like, `Wow, if I ever let anyone know, it's bad.' So I just never did."
The singer says he's in a "very stable" relationship with 32-year-old actor Reichen Lehmkuhl, winner of season four of CBS' "Amazing Race."

Bass and Fatone, 29, are developing a sitcom pilot inspired by the screwball comedy "The Odd Couple," in which his character will be gay.

"The thing is, I'm not ashamed — that's the one thing I went to say," Bass says. "I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this. I'm more liberated and happy than I've been my whole life. I'm just happy."

Goss Calls Off Civil Partnership With George

Gay singer George Michael’s partner has called off their civil partnership amid tabloid claims last weekend that the star was cruising on Hampstead Heath.
The News of the World published a series of photographs of the star which they claim prove that he was illegally having sex in a public place.
The photographs they published both in print and on their website simply show him walking to his car through Hampstead Heath. The newspaper also printed photographs of a 58-year-old unemployed van driver who they claim the star had sex with.
A source told the Daily Mail that Michael and his boyfriend Kenny Goss are “reassessing” their relationship.”
“There are no immediate plans. Things are very much up in the air,” the source said.
However, Michael has denied that his partner has called off the ‘wedding’ because of his Hampstead Heath trip and told the Richard and Judy show that they were delaying plans to exchange vows because of media interest in the run up to his world tour.
“It meant we wouldn’t get a small, private wedding,” Michael said.
He also tried t explain his nocturnal habits.
“I have got no issue with cruising, I’ve talked about it many times…they are making me look like the gay Wayne Rooney,” he said.
“It’s dark up there but it’s not that dark. I’ve no idea who that guy was, but thank you very much whoever he was.”
Earlier this year the artist revealed plans for a civil partnership on the Parkinson Show, he said: "I think that we will formalise it definitely from a legal point of view.
"It's absolutely essential that we have the same safeguards that straight couples do. But I want more than a 50% chance of success. I don't want to emulate that.
"We'll probably do it on our 10th anniversary. We'll probably do the formal legal thing then the party.
"But no-one is going to be getting into a dress. Neither of us have the body for it now."
He recently announced plans for his first international tour for 15 years.

Entertainment Center (for DVD's and CD's)

Entertainment Cabinet 1

Entertainment Cabinet 2

Entertainment Cabinet 3

Wine Cabinet Selection

These are the choices I was thinking about for my Wine Cabinet please let me know which one you like.

This is option 1

This is option 2

This is option 3

Update of my life…

Due to recent events that happen in my life (my apartment caught on fire) I have not been going to the gym. Because of this I’ve put on a few more pounds then I’m willing to admit. So it’s my goal to lose 10lbs by the end of August. I plan on hitting the gym 5x a week each day doing some form of cardio and maybe only 3x of weight training. I’ve started this week and did the treadmill for a hour each day. The first day I did the treadmill I was able to run 4 miles. The second day I stuck with the same time frame but was able to increase the distance by 1 mile for a total of 5 miles. I know this might not sound like a lot to some but for me it’s a bit accomplishment.

I’ve also decided to pay more attention to my eating habits. And that means no more expensive lunches / dinners. I’ve even tried to make sure I eat something for breakfast each morning (even if it’s just toast and peanut butter). I’m sure the clean eating part will be the hardest to stick with as my eating habits are very bad. If there is anyone out there that has any suggestions for me as to a eating plan they have I would enjoy any suggestions that people would like to share with me.

Oh and before I forget since I’ve moved into my new apartment I’m also starting fresh with the search of new furniture. I will be posting items I’m thinking of getting and would like people’s opinion on them.

Hottie Of The Day
Michael Lewis

Jul 25, 2006

Hottie of the Day
Chris Austad

Jul 24, 2006

Hottie of the Day
Pat Lee

Closing the Gay Games

OK well the gay games are finally leaving Chicago but of course I could not let it go without having one more night of fun. It all started on Saturday morning as I was heading home from my dates place the night before. My friend came into the city to hang out for a while and we did the typical lunch and shopping thing. The real fun happened Saturday night.

I decided since this was the final night of the Gay Games I needed to go out. I texted several of my buddies to see who was up for the challenge. I received a response back from 3 of them so we decided to head out to dinner. As we enjoyed some wine at "Nookie's" (which was PACKED with HOT gay guys) we were trying to decide on where to go. We decided to go to a bar called "The North End". As we where there we met a few more friends as we enjoyed the night. After a few hours we left and went to another bar called "Little Jim's". As we were there this is where the trouble started.

As I entered Little Jim's I needed to go to the bathroom. As I was in there, there was a guy already at the urinal. I looked over and noticed he had a HUGE cock. Being the brave drunk that I was at the time I asked if I could see it which he showed without any hesitation. After I finished using the rest room I went back out to hang with my friends. It turned out that the guy from the bathroom was sitting near my group with his boyfriend. After a little chat between the three of us I'm not sure who started it but I started to kiss the guy from the bathroom. Then his boyfriend started to stroke my arm so I leaned over and started to kiss him. Then the three of us started to kiss each other at the same time. This routine went on for a good 20 min before I decided it was time to see how far I could take this. I asked the two of them if they wanted to go back to my place. Of course they said YES... So we got up and left the bar.

On the way to my place we all kept stopping in the middle of the street and started to make out. Once we reached my place we headed straight for the bedroom. The guys started to take their clothes off right away so here we were 3 hot horny guys in my bedroom. We started to rub each other's body's as our cocks started to grow. Then all of a sudden one of the guys went down on his knees and started to blow me and the other guy. His tongue felt so amazing. As he was sucking our cocks me and the other guy were making out and kissing each other. Then they switched positions and the other guy was not sucking our cocks as I was kissing his partner.

We moved over to the bed and got in a 3 way 69 position with everyone sucking and getting sucked. Then I could not stand it any longer. I told one of the guys that it was time for him to sit on my cock. We stopped sucking each other then he moved into position. He slowly lowered himself onto my cock. It took him a while before he could take all of me inside of him. But after he did his partner started to suck his cock as he was riding mine. It felt so amazing to feel and see this guy riding my cock as the other guy was sucking him off. Then they switched and the other guy started riding me as the first guy and myself started to make out. This went on for about 10-15 min then we moved into a 3 way f*ck. One guy was laying on his back, the second guy was doing him and I was doing the second guy. it felt so amazing to feel myself thrust into his tight hole and to feel him pushing back onto me as he was thrusting into the other guys. Then I felt his a$$ starting to get tight... and his breathing was becoming more short and I knew he was getting close to cumming. Then all of a sudden he let out a loud moan and I knew he was cumming is his partners a$$ he continued to thrust as he was cumming and this felt even better for me as he got even tighter. After he finished he pulled out and started to eat his own cum that was leaking out of his partners butt... I could not hold back any longer after seeing this so I positioned myself at the guys mouth and started to f*ck his mouth. As I was doing this he was jerking his cock. He felt so good that I could not hold it back any longer. I started to cum in his mouth and he did not stop sucking me. He swallowed my load and did not spill a drop. As I was cumming in his mouth this must have triggered his own orgasm because he started to cum as well. As he was cumming on his stomach his partner licked it off of him. I thought to myself damn not a drop was wasted tonight.

I guess now that the Gay Games are over I won't have this experience again for a while. But don't worry I'll make sure I keep you all up to date on what other sexual adventures I am in store for.

Jul 21, 2006

About Last Night....Surprise... Surprise....

I just thought I'll share something that happened to me last night. I met this guy around 2 weeks ago at a club and we had a a good time together. After a few drinks we made out for a bit and decided to exchange numbers. We've spoke on the phone a few times however earlier this week when he called he wanted to know if I would be interested in going out for some drinks. I told him sure, so yesterday we went to a neighborhood place for a drink. As we were getting ready to leave I notice he got more and more quiet. Oh just to give you a bit of back ground information on this guy. He's Bi and very shy (such as myself). So as we're getting ready to leave I asked him if he wanted to stop by my place for a while. He said yes but he could only stay for a little while. So as we're talking and walking back to my place I could feel the excitment in the air. Once we arrived at my place we both stand in the living room looking at each other. I look him in the eyes and say "take off your pants"... he looks at me with a nervous look in his eye and says "you take your off first". I took my pants off (leaving my underwear on) and then said on you won. Then I proceeded to get down on my knees and started to rub his crotch. After a few moments of this I started to unzip his pants. As I'm unzipping his pants I look up at him and say "we don't have to do this if you don't want to". But luckly he said it's ok. So I remove his pants and notice he's wearing boxers. So I place my hand in his underwear and fish out his cock. I slowly place the tip into my mouth and enhale his male smell. Then I take the rest of his cock into my mouth. I hear him moaning as I'm sucking his cock in the middle of my living room as he's standing looking down at me.

I suggest that we move into the bedroom so that way he would be more "comfortable". So once we get into my room the rest of his clothes come off. He pushes me down on the bed and starts to suck my cock like a pro. I moan as he's licking my head and pinching my nipples. He works my entire shaft down his throat. After a few moments of this I tell him it my turn. So I have him sit up on the bed as I get on my knees on the floor and service him again. I hear him starting to moan again, and I feel his cock pulse in my mouth a bit. I can tell he's going to cum soon so I back off a bit. He tells me he want's me to cum so I said OK... I laid back down on the bed as he stood over me. I told him that I wanted to cum as I was sucking him. So he placed his cock in my mouth as I started to jerk myself. After less then five minutes I felt the need to let loose. I told him I was about to cum so he removed his cock and started to stroke himself also... As I watch him stroke over me I let loose and shoot all over my chest and stomach. Then after I started to return to normal he shoot his load onto my chest. Then we just looked at each other with that "what do you want to do now" so I got a towel and cleaned up the mess we both made. Then he said he should be leaving (which I agreed to) and he left. I had a good time with him but I think I might need someone that's a bit more outgoing.

Hottie of the Day

Lucas Kerr

Jul 20, 2006

Welcoming The Gay Games to Chicago

The gay games have started here in Chicago and I've been enjoying it. On the first Friday of the games I went out with a buddy to the normal hang out places (Sidetracks, Roscoes , Cocktail... etc) We had a good time but decided to venture a bit up north to the other bars and check them out (Touche and Jackhammer). When we got to them they were not as much fun as we thought they would be. My buddy decided he was ready to go home. I decided to go back to the other bars. On the taxi ride to the other bars I've decided to call this person I've been chatting with on line to see if he wanted to meet for a drink or two. He said yes so him and a group of his friends met me at Roscoes. He was a really cool guy to hang out with (alone with his friends who were also hot). I stayed for a bit and then decided to walk home. On my way walking home I received a phone call from another friend of mine. It was pretty late and I was a little drunk so I yelled at him on the phone "You only call me when you're HORNY!!". Well as I said this a guy was walking past and over heard me and looked and smiled... I smiled back at him and told my friend I had to call him back later. I stopped walking and looked back at the guy as he has stopped walking also. I walked over to him and smiled and asked him how he was doing. When he spoke I could hear he had a accent, and that really got the blood moving (I have a thing for a sexy accent). I told him that I lived in the building on the corner and asked him if he wanted to come up for a while. He said yes he did. So we we into my building and into my apartment and no sooner had I closed the door then we were all over each other.. We took the action into my bedroom where he proceeded to kiss me and but my body. Then he started to remove my clothes. When he got my clothes off and noticed my cock sticking out he went right for it. As he was blowing me he proceeded to remove his clothes as well. After we were both naked we laid down in the bed and moved into the best position there ever was (the 69 position if you have not guessed). We stayed this way for a few minutes and then he decided he wanted to feel my cock against his a$$ (I was hoping he was going to say inside of him). So he sat on my cock and rubbed it up and down his crack and I jerked him off at the same time... After a few minutes of this he started to moan really loud and then he shot his load all over my chest. It felt good and warm. After he finished he continued to suck me for a few minutes more. He wanted me to cum but I held back. I told him that I did not want to cum but that I had a good time with him. He got dressed a few minutes later and left. Oh and I found out his accent was from Australia.

The Beginning of My Blog Life

OK... So today is the day that I am going to start adding comments to my blog. I've been inspired by others and figure I might as well try. They will include items such as "hotties of the day"... Sexual desires (and reality) as well as other bit pieces of my life. I hope to receive comments on it.