Jul 18, 2010

Chicago Uptown Rib Fest

This weekend in Chicago was pretty exciting. I meet a few friends out in Uptown for a event called Ribfest. It's basiclaly a street fair with a live band and different rib vendors from around the midwest.

I wish I would have taken pictures to share with you guys. However I did discover a new band by the name of "Tonic". I've never heard of them before but I must admit the music was really good.

As you can tell from this post there is not really that much for me to talk about for this weekend however as I promised I'm going to try and write more on here

Jul 3, 2010

Welcome back to the Blog World

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since I've last posted however I really have not had anything say / write about. However I've decided to try and give this writing another try. It will be slow so please be patient with me as It might be only once or twice a week that I post but I'll try to make it interesting. Eventually I will be posting at least once a day.