Jul 26, 2009

Sex with Strangers

Hello everyone I have a story to tell you about Sex with Strangers. Now before you think this is a sex post let me tell you it’s not. It’s actually a post about a play I just saw today called Sex with Strangers. This is actually the first play I have ever seen it I must say it was AMAZING.

When I saw it with my friend Dan I decided that this is something that I must do more often especially living in Chicago. I will try to give you a bit of a background about the story’s plot:

Ethan Strange is a hot young scenester whose online journal of sexscapades have turned him into the "it" boy of the blogosphere. Olivia is an attractive 30-something whose own writing career has crapped out. After they hook up, sex turns into dating and dating into something more -- but their online exploits threaten to destroy their real-life connection.

I never realized how good plays are and being from Chicago and having the chance to experience all of this culture I feel bad that I have not taken advantage of it before, however after seeing this play I’m hoping to change that.

If you’re from Chicago or planning on visiting I would suggest checking out a play from Steppenwolf

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