Aug 31, 2006

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Idina Menzel

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Brady Quinn

Aug 24, 2006

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Eric Duhn

Aug 21, 2006

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Joseph Lawrence

Jenna Von Oy

Aug 14, 2006

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Nelly Furtado

Weekend update

I had a very interesting weekend and thought I would share it with all of you.


I met a few friends for a movie (Another Gay Movie) which I must recommend for everyone. It’s sort of a spoof off of American Pie but the main characters are all gay and trying to lose their virginity. It has cameos by Gram Norton, Richard Hatch, Ant and the star of Boy Meets Boy (I forgot what his name is). If you’re a person that likes good comedy this is the movie to see. After the movies I met with a different group of friends to go to a club called The Baton Club. It’s a popular “drag” show in Chicago that was really fun to watch (The Tina Turner Impersonator rocked). After the show was over around mid-night I went to a bar to rejoin my original buddies I saw the movie with.

We hung out at our usual bar (North End) and then we headed to Little Jim’s after. While we were there I started to feel a bit horny so I started to make eye contact with several guys. As I made eye contact with one guy he had the balls to make eye contact back. We talked for a while (I forgot what his name was) and he told me his boyfriend was in the bar across the street. We were really into each other and wanted to spend a little time alone to get to know each other better. So we left the bar for a while and decided to go for a little walk down the alley. As we’re in the alley we headed towards a more private area and he fell to his knees and started to blow me. Then he went into his pocked and pulled out a condom and some lube. After he put the condom on me he turned around and placed my cock at has ass. He slowly pushed more and more of me inside of him until I was completely in. Then we started to fuck like rabbits. We were going at it for a while and I guess we got a bit to loud because a back porch light came on. We both pulled up our pants and got the hell out of there.

As we’re walking back to the bar he’s telling me how I’m so much his type and he would love to have a three way with me and his boyfriend. So as we’re walking back towards the bar we just left from he gets on his cell phone to call his boyfriend who’s in the other bar to come over. Once we get into the bar I notice my friends are still there and they are around this girl. I join them thinking this must be a new “friend” they met. Turns out they were trying to protect her from a guy that has been harassing her all day. Once I found this out I move in between the guy and the girl and the next thing I know the guy walks away. The girl and I begin to chat and 10-15 min later the guy comes back. He claims that the woman is his wife (the woman says she does not know the guy). I look at the guy and then he stakes a stance like he’s ready to fight. I look at him straight in the eye and say “If you lay one fucking had on me I will knock you the fuck out!!!”. I guess I said this pretty loud because people’s heads turned around and within 20 seconds a bouncer is standing right next to us. The girl explains what’s going on and that the guy has been messing with her all day. He’s escorted out of the bar and we all continue to have a good time.

Now it’s 4am and the bar is closing. We leave and start to head home. On our way we notice a guy walking in front of us and then he stops walking and chats on his cell phone. We pass him up as we continue on our way back to my apartment. Once we reach my building and go in we notice the guy is coming in the building behind us. It turned out he lives there also. We take the elevator up to my floor and the guy also gets off. I go to my door and he’s only two doors down from me. I open the door to let my friend in (who was staying with me for that night on my spare bed) and I look at the guy opening his door and we stare at each other for a while.

I ask my buddy what I should do and being the wing man that he is he tells me to knock on the guy’s door to see if he wants to continue the party. So I go to his door and before I knock on it I hear “porn” playing on his computer. I go back and ask my buddy what I should do now he said just knock on the door. So I knock on the door and then I hear the guy turn the TV off and answer. I ask him if he has a beer that I and my buddy can “borrow”. He said he did not have any beer but he did have some whiskey. I said that could be cool if he wanted to bring it to my apartment and join us. So he grabs the bottle and come to my apartment. As he enters he sees my friend and say “I know this might sound strange but are you from Kansas”… Well it turned out that my neighbor from two doors down and my buddy went on a date when they both lived in Kansas almost six years ago. We all thought that was pretty funny. Then we started to enjoy ourselves in my living room drinking the booze. After a while I was feeling SUPER horny so me and my neighbor decided to “look at his apartment” and as I’m in there I figure I’ll give it a try.. We start making out and after a few min he starts to suck my cock… I tell him I need to get back fast before my buddy comes knocking on the door. So he drop his pants lubes his hole and says he wants me to fuck him hard and now… So I get on top of him and start to fuck him… since I’m already horny it does not take to long before I’m ready to blow… I ask if he wants me to shoot inside of him and he says yes… so I shot my load deep into him and kept it there for a while until he had all of it… Then I had him suck me to clean me off. When I get back to my apartment my buddy is already passed out on the spare bed. I go to my bedroom and fall right asleep


Me and my buddy wake up and decide to get some breakfast. As we’re heading to the restaurant we decide to call our other buddy that also lives in the building. He joins us and we have a good meal (along with a lot of frat boy eye candy). He had back to my building and go and watch a movie at my buddies apartment. Then after the movie everyone heads home to get ready for the evening. I go to my apartment and fall sleep (after I J/O) then I watch a bit of TV. After a hour of two I get tired and try to take a nap. My buddies call me to go out. So I jump in the shower an change and meet them for drinks and a late lunch. We have a few pictures of Vodka Lemonade. I tell my friends I can’t stay out to long because I had a date later that night. We I’m only there for around two hours before I decided to leave and get ready for my date. Well I finished changing faster then I thought so I went back to the bar my buddies were at (since my date was taking place around the corner) and hung out with them for a bit. When my date showed up we went to the restaurant (which I recommend to anyone in the Chicago land area called HB). We had a great meal and conversation (this was our third date). Well as we’re having dinner my buddies are leaving the bar and they decide to wave from outside the restaurant. We wave back and continue with our night. When it’s time for us to leave we decided to join my buddies for one drink before we retired for the night. We go out my friend Doug’s place and have a small drink there and catch up with everyone before we head to Rob’s place. Once we get to Rob’s place we’re both pretty tired so we make out of a bit in his hall way… then decide to take the action to the bedroom. Once there the clothes come off and we have a good night together.


I guess this was my day of rest, I did not do anything on Sunday but have a lazy non productive day.

Aug 11, 2006

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Aug 10, 2006

Market Days weekend

OK guys… It’s been a while since I last posted (sorry about the delay). Well I will let you all know what I did this weekend.

Starting on Friday when I got home from work I CRASHED. I partied to hard on Thursday and did not get any sleep so I got home and slept until around d10:30pm. Then I got up and checked my cell phone. I missed 8 calls and had 4 messages. My buddies wanted me to go out and meet a few friends of theirs.

So I called them back and told them I need to shower and after that I would come and join them. Once I finished showering and met them at the bar I was kicking myself in the ass. My friends buddy was HOT. He was visiting from out of town and just there for the weekend to take part of Market Days.

Well we’re in one of our normal bars having a good time and then all of a sudden I’m not sure what happened but my buddies friend was attracting A LOT of attention from the bar crowd. Needless to say he ended up making out with a really hot guy and ended up going home with him.

When I saw him the next day EVERYONE was calling him a whore (which made me feel good because they usually call me a whore). He knew we were only kidding with him though. So now it’s Saturday morning and my buddy came over my house to start getting ready for the official Market Day event. We have a few drinks at my place and then walk down the street to join the large crowd already gathered.

We met up with my buddies and all started walking around looking at everyone wearing close to nothing. It felt like we were in New Orleans doing Mardi Gras. We must have been drinking for close to 10 – 12 hours. We then started to head to a party that we were invited to but by the time we got there the police was called there 3 times and the party was over. So we went to my buddies’ place (who lives in the same building as I do) and stayed there for a while and had a few drink. After we finished the drinks we decided to head to a bar but before we did I took Mario (my buddy’s friend that was visiting him that weekend) to my apartment. When we got there we started making out as soon as we got inside. Silly me I forgot to lock the door so when I was in there making out with him a few of my other buddies came in not knowing what was going on. So Mario and I had to cut our fun short. I showed them around the place since I just move in and then we all headed to the bar. While we were at the bar I could not get my mind off of the make our session I had with Mario that was cut short. So we’re all having a good time drinking our drinks and I happen to decide to go for it. I moved over to Mario and asked him if he wanted to leave the bar and go back to my place, he looked at me and said yes.

I guess a few of my buddies saw me leave with him because I got a text from one of them right away telling me I better be good to him. Well we got back to my place and started making out for a bit. Then we went into my bedroom and removed our clothes and started making out a bit more. I’m not going to go into all of the details about what happned (because people who know him and myself read this blog) but we had a good time. We woke up naked next to each other. After a few minutes of talking we decided to take a shower so I took one first and then he did. We changed and met our friends for Brunch….

After brunch we went back to Market Days for the final day of the event.

As you can tell this weekend was full of drinking and meeting interesting people. Sorry I did not go into what happened the night of me and Mario but that’s something that was special between the two of us.

I’ll try and kept up with my post so you all will have something to read.

Aug 3, 2006

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Joel Fumero

Aug 2, 2006

Big Brother 7 - All Stars

OK... So I don't watch this show ALL THE TIME. But I still know that Janelle made a HORRIBLE mistake by going against her alliance. Because now that she did not only is she a "target" for Chill Town, but she's also a target for the "floaters" (who she was trying to eliminate) and it appears now she's also a target of at least one of her former team mates from season 6.

Now I must admit I thought Janelle was a very smart women but his move just does not seem to make any sense to me. I mean ELIMINATE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE TRYING TO ELIMINATE YOU!!!!. If she would have put Will up to replace Mike then he was gone no questions asked... But now it seems as though the only thing she did was remove Mike and Will away from being traces and put herself up in front of everyone.

Next weeks HOH combination would be very interesting to see... As well as who the new HOH puts up for eviction.

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Jeremy Bloom

Aug 1, 2006

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Travis Fimmel