Jun 29, 2007

Spice Girls Reunite

Well it's true... If you have not heard yet the Spice girls are getting together again for a 11 city world tour taking place between December 2007 and January 2008. This would be the first time in almost 10 years when in 1998 Geri Halliwwell (also known as Ginger Spice) left the group to pursue a solo career.

Doing this time the women have all went their seperate ways however they all have had sort of success in solo projects. Below I've decided to post one video from each group member that I enjoy as well as one of their best group performance. I really hope you enjoy.

First off I give you... Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) - Look At Me

Next I will like to bring to your attention Melanie Brown (also know as Scary Spice) - Lullaby

Now we have Melanie Chisholm (also know as Sporty Spice)- I Turn to you Hex Hector Remix

I bring to you Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) - Let Your Head Go

and now or the baby of the group Emma Bunton(Baby Spice) - Maybe

And now for the final video.. I give you the Spice Girls - 2 become 1

Weekend Plans In Chicago

Well everyone it's that time of year again. The sun is out and so are the people. This weekend in Chicago Promises to be almost as good as last weekend, let's run down our game plan shall we.


The start of the Taste of Chicago. This is a annual event going on it's 27th year now. Food from all over will be featured here and is susre to be a huge crowd draw from around the area (if not the country). If you can you should come and sample foods form over 70 restaurants including a lot of Chicago's prides and joys such as Lou Malnati's. Oh but the taste is not only about the food it's also about the music and the acts are as diverse as the people itself going from Maze with Frankie Beverly to Kenny Rogers and Sara Evans.


This is actually my time to PARTY
Circuit is having a Babylon Tour and me and a few buddies will be there getting our dance on. The party goes from 10pm - 5am so make sure you bring a LOT of energy to enjoy the night away.


As god rested on the 7th day so should you. I expect to rent the first (and maybe second) season of Dante's Cove and just relax at home with a nice bottle of wine. However if you must do something I would suggest going down to Navy Pier for the Fire work display taking place there it should be lots of fun and good eye candy.

I am know this list is not as informative as you would like it to be however I'm trying to calm down my wild and crazy weekends. I will let everyone know what I acutally did on Monday until then enjoy.

Jun 28, 2007

Geek Corner

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've last posted but here are a few gadgets that you might be interested in. These I'm sure will be a huge hit this summer.

TurboLinux's Wizpy bootable Linux PMP
by Thomas Ricker

We witnessed the birth of TurboLinux's Wizpy, watched it strike out in earnest and eventually earn a living on the mean, PMP streets. So how has the wee, bootable Linux distro cum PMP fared? Well, according to a review over at LinuxLookup, it's a nice piece of kit and all although a bit finicky. 1GB of the 4GB is reserved for the OS and fully functional desktop (Firefox, OpenOffice, Skype, etc.) with the remaining 2.8GB allocated to OGG/WMA/AAC/MP3 audio and DivX video. However, as the reviewer points out (and we agree) the $290 price tag will limit its appeal to early adopters and Linux fanboys. Actually, strike the latter, any fanboy worth his salt will build his own bootable DAP (without the tiny 1.7-inch screen) for less than $40. Poor poor Wizpy, why'd you have to become such a snob?

Logitech's QuickCam Pro 9000 and Notebook webcams
by Thomas Ricker

Logitech just stepped up their webcam game with the introduction of a pair of $100 QuickCam Pro 9000 and QuickCam Pro for Notebooks. These are the first two webcams to carry a Carl Zeiss Tessar lens under a new exclusive deal 'tween the two. Besides the highly touted optics, the cams feature a less than 3 second auto-refocus time, a 2 megapixel sensor, recordings at 30fps and 960 x 720 pixels, and compatibility with Skype and all the other popular PC video messaging applications. Both should ship in Europe and the US before July is done.

The Party is not over

Well it appears as though I did a lot more doing the pride parade that I don't remember. Below are a few pics explaining what I mean. Oh and I've also received pics that some friend e-mailed to me showing more hot guys which I post on the site later.

OK... I lied here are the other pics I promised earlier

Jun 27, 2007

Pride Parade Chicago 2007

Hello everyone as most of you know the Pride Parade in Chicago was this past weekend (Sexfest 2007 I call it). I hung out with some amazing friends and even made a few new ones. I've attached a few of the pics that where taken there.

Jun 25, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend was very wild, crazy and relaxing all in one. I don't know where to begin so I'll start from the beginning (which is usually a good place to start any story).


The beginning of Pride weekend in Chicago started off pretty slow for me. I basically just hung out with a few friends and some drinks and did the bar rounds nothing to special. I got smashed and crashed.


Recovering from Friday did not get out of bed until around 1400 then went over to a friends house and played some poker (which I lost 15 bucks) and watched Dante's Cove (which I'm not going to order and collect the entire season). After we finished having our relaxing saturday evening I went home and crahsed to prepare for the main event.


The main event arrived. The Pride Parade in Chicago. This annual event is one of the biggest Parades to take place in the city followed by the St. Patti's day parade. It was full of eye candy for all to see and enjoy. It started off pretty slow for me as I woke up and relaxed on the couch waiting for a buddy of mine to arrive so we could go to the parade together. After he got to my place I took the alloted 30 gay (or bi) minutes it takes for any guy to get ready. I put on a pair of shorts and green shirt and hit the streets.

We ran into my buddy Justin a bit before the parade and chatted for a while (really enjoy the new shorter hair Justin) then we continued on and met up with a few other of my friends on the other side of Charlies. We stayed at the parade for a while then moved on to Kit Kat (which is a gay lounge located in the Wrigleyville / Lakeview area of Chicago) After a few drinks there that's where the night started to get a bit fuzzy. I was trying to be a more social person so I started to make the rounds to all of the tables around us (I even got spanked by a few lesbians from New York).

After a while as we where all getting ready to leave I noticed I lost my cell phone so I was feeling pretty down. I ended up meeting a group of other people and we headed to a local bar in Wrigleyville (which I don't remember the name of it) and had a few beers and conversations there. That's also where I got to know Kevin a bit further. After a while we headed back to Kevin's place for a after hours drink and then I headed home. I know this was not going into major details but I'm still a bit hung over / tired while writting this.

Jun 18, 2007

Weekend Update

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a while since I've last posted but I've been really busy at work. I'll try to update you on everything that happened this past weekend only.


I went to the movies and saw the Fantastic Four movie. It was alright but not worth going to see for a second time. Jessica Alba and Chris Evans made the movie worth enjoying however. Later that day I went out to dinner and enjoyed some conversation with a friend. After that I went home for a bit and then started to hit the bars.


After a long night of clubbing I did not get out of bed until around 2pm I went to the gym and had a HARD workout which I was feeling later that night. After that I went home and showered and hit the bars again feeling pumped and good. After the bars I went to subway to get something to eat and was pissed to realized that after 10pm they charge a extra 10% for sandwiches but by this time I was to drunk to really care and ate my food on the walk home.


Woke up with a killer hang over around 12:30. I texted my buddy regarding going to the gym. We met up around 2pm for the gym and worked out for about a hour. After we finished working out another of my gym buddies arrrived so I worked out with him as well. This would make the 3rd workout for me in 2 days (I know I need to give my muscles time to rest) . After our workout we decided to hit the beach so we jumped on the CTA (public transportation system in Chicago) and went to the gay beach (also know as Hollywood Beach). We stayed there for a few hours then decided to go home.

On my way home I was feeling hungry so decided to stoy by McDonalds. Just as I picked up my food I got a text from a buddy inviting me out to the bars (I think I spend to much time drinking sometimes). I got home and took a quick shower and found some shorts to change into and met up with them at the bars. I only stayed for a bit as it was not that interesting to me. Once I got home I set on the couch and watch the new season of
The 4400 .

Oh and just so you all know I have been doing my other workout however they changed our system and I'm not able to post it on line as of yet but I'm working on it. This weekend is Chicago coming up should be pretty interesting as it's the Pride Parade which always draws a strange crowd.

Female Hottie of The Day
Dulijana Ramirez

Male Hottie Of The Day
Cameron Byrnes

Jun 13, 2007

Blue f/ Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Six Feet Under Last Episode

Wow, I know this show has been off the air for a while but I just got the chance to watch it. I never seen the show before but this ending really got to me.

Jun 12, 2007

Jun 11, 2007

Starting over

Hey everyone I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was great in Chicago. We had a lot of interesting events taking place. I however did not enjoy any of them because I got to hung over on Friday and was not feeling up for going out. However I did take a bit of a walk to clear my head up on Saturday evening. I will try to continue my post this week but please understand if I'm not posting as much as I usually do. Oh on another note I was searching my friends Justin's site and found this interesting section and thought it would be pretty cool to have a Seal of my own. Please tell me what you think.

Jun 7, 2007

Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry I have not been posting lately but with the relocation of our office and everything that has been going on these last few weeks I just have not had the time. I'm going to try and continue my daily post at the latest by Monday but until than please enjoy this video.